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Your new LIFE starts today!

I help Intermittent Fasters get healthy, gain freedom from the dieting roller coaster, and lose weight while eating delicious food in an eating window of YOUR choice.

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My Intermittent Fasting Journey

In March 2020, amidst the challenges of quarantine, I discovered intermittent fasting as a means to take control of my health. The results were astounding—I shed around 5 kilos and never looked back. Inspired by my own transformation, I began sharing my journey on Instagram in 2021, and the response was overwhelming. Many of my followers embraced intermittent fasting and experienced remarkable weight loss.

In 2022, fueled by the desire to help others achieve similar success, I launched a coaching program. Over 2000 individuals have since benefitted from my guidance, reclaiming their health and vitality. Additionally, in July 2022, I embarked on a new venture—I began writing an Intermittent Fasting book. Today, I'm proud to say it's been published, serving as a comprehensive guide for those seeking to harness the power of fasting for weight loss and overall well-being.

As my journey unfolded, so did my commitment to excellence. From 2022 to 2024, I pursued rigorous certification courses, becoming a Certified Intermittent Fasting Coach through esteemed institutions such as Stanford University, renowned for its cutting-edge research in nutrition and health sciences, and Wageningen University & Research, a world-leading institution in food, agriculture, and health. These courses equipped me with a deep understanding of nutrition and its impact on health, empowering me to provide evidence-based guidance to my clients.

With this expertise, I am dedicated to empowering others to achieve their health goals and live their best lives.

Intermittent Fasting Book

Some of My Before And After Pics

I may not have shed a significant amount, but the true victory of intermittent fasting lies in the stability it's brought to my weight since May 2020! Gone are the days of fluctuating between +2kg and -2kg. With intermittent fasting, my journey is not just about losing weight—it's about maintaining it deliciously!

"Ksybueno intermittent fasting program has completely transformed my life! With her guidance, I lost 15 kilograms in just three months, following a 16:8 fasting schedule. Not only did I shed the weight, but I also feel more energetic and confident than ever before. Thank you, Ksybueno, for changing my life!"

Sara T.

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